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AutoUrns took their business to the internet on 5/24/11

Sheldon Weaver owner of AutoUrns

Sheldon Weaver, owner and designer of Auto Urns has recently taken his business to the internet.  With many years of creating behind his belt, Sheldon combined his creativity, sense of humor and passion with his most recent project.  Sheldon being the “True Car Guy” and his desire to live life having fun created AutoUrns.


What is an Auto Urn you ask?  An AutoUrn is a Diamond Plate Steel and wood urn personalized for the true auto and motorcycle enthusiast.  Yes, you heard right.  This unique item is to hold a persons ashes after they have passed from this life, but the true purpose of this item is not to be purchased sadly.  It is to be purchased with great pride and to allow the auto and motorcycle enthusiast an opportunity to display their personalized urn of their favorite vehicle while enjoying life and having fun.


Each keepsake urn is hand-crafted and made one at a time of the finest materials.   Not to mention these items are MADE IN THE USA.  The goal is to have the best crafted urns made here in the good ole’ USA at an affordable price.


Sheldon’s hope is that many people will get great enjoyment out of his product and his slogan is “Enjoy it Now and Use it Later!”  Why not buy it now when you can enjoy and have fun with it, instead of later when we can’t?